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Aim True Yoga – Kathryn Buding - DVD 20,16EUR
Aim True Yoga – Kathryn Buding - DVD
Aim True Yoga – Kathryn Buding - DVD
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Kathryn Budig’s Aim True Yoga DVD includes:

* 25-minute Beginners Practice
* 45-minute Intermediate “Authentic Flow” Practice
* 10-minute “Five Favorite Poses” workshop
* Bonus 10-minute downloadable “Intense Ab Series” core practice

Kathryn Budig’s passion for yoga is infectious – you’ll feel it every time you practice with her Aim True Yoga DVD. One of Yoga Journal’s favorite cover models and a YouTube yoga sensation, Kathryn teaches yoga with joyful energy and a can-do confidence that will motivate and inspire you. Aim True Yoga helps focus your energy and intention, resulting in a stronger, leaner body in no time. “Beginners Practice” (25 minutes) is an easy-to-follow, energizing vinyasa flow practice. In “Authentic Flow” (45 minutes), Kathryn’s expert instruction helps you push to the next level. “Five Favorite Poses” (10 minutes) demystifies five popular poses. You’ll master poses you never thought possible, thanks to Kathryn’s empowering, step-by-step workshop style. Total run time: 80 minutes. USA.

As one of the youngest and most widely recognized faces in yoga, Kathryn Budig’s appetite for yoga is infectious. Her playful mixture of challenging classes and her lovable personality is the recipe for a truly inspiring class. As an avid food lover, she is also passionate about sharing healthy, organic and eco-friendly recipes. Kathryn shares her zest for life, yoga and food in her writings for The Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, Yahoo Shine’s Living Section and MindBodyGreen. She has graced the covers of Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Om Yoga and Common Ground. Budig has been featured on E! Entertainment, The Food Network, Shape and The New York Times. She also serves as the brand representative for apparel company ToeSox and ambassador for Pangea Organics. Kathryn is also dedicated to giving back to her community. She co-founded “Poses for Paws,” an organization dedicated to raising money for animal shelters through yoga.

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