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Restorative yoga – Deborah Donohue – DVD 25,00EUR
Restorative yoga – Deborah Donohue – DVD
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Explore deep relaxation, rejuvenation and healing by experiencing restorative yoga. In this style of restorative yoga, each pose is held for several minutes supported by blankets, allowing the nervous system to completely quiet and return to a state of balance, while gently stretching and opening the body.

This restorative yoga DVD features 6 sequences including a 12 minute meditation, a 15 minute morning session, a 45 minute mid-day sequence, two 55 minute evening routines and one 85 minute sequence for restful sleep. A total of over 4 hours of restorative yoga practice!

The Instructor: Deborah Donohue has been practicing yoga for 18 years. She particularly enjoys restorative yoga for the grace and expansion that it offers. Her gentle and warm spirit makes this yoga experience rich and healing.

Note: This style of yoga requires at least 4 blankets and a bolster or some large pillows in order to maintain the poses.

Filmed in Santa Barbara, California in high definition, with over 4 hours of footage. Widescreen.

Deborah Donohue is a Professional Writer and Editor, Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist, Certified Yoga of the Heart Practitioner, Certified Reiki Practitioner and Transition Doula sm (midwife to the dying and in support of their loved ones). She is registered with the Yoga Alliance and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists as well as the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.

Her empathic and therapeutic approach to her teaching evolved through decades of dealing with her own profound and exceptional health issues that both humbled and gifted her life. She has worked in the healing arts for three decades, many of those years caring for people with acute and chronic challenges: AIDS, cancer and cardiac among them. She has spent over ten years personally attending to the dying at Sarah House, a social model hospice in Santa Barbara, California.

Her private sessions, classes, workshops and retreats encourage deep transformative healing and rejuvenation through a blend and integration of Hatha, Yin and Restorative Yoga, guided meditation, breath work, healing touch, journaling and reconnecting with nature.

Aside from her writing, teaching and healing work, Deborah also enjoys beekeeping, sacred subsistence hunting, acting and dance, painting, organic gardening, and hiking the trails in and around Santa Barbara.

"Who tells a finer tale than any of us. Silence does." - Isak Dinesen

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