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Complete idiot's guide to the Pilates method - Karon Carter 20,57EUR 7,70EUR
Complete idiot's guide to the Pilates method - Karon Carter
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This book teaches the basics of the Pilates method of fitness, a whole body workout that strengthens the abs and back and straightens the posture. Practiced worldwide by dance companies, physical therapists, and health clubs, the method is especially good for pregnant women, for people who have special fitness needs because of chronic back pain, joint stress, or obesity, and for anyone wishing to prevent osteoporosis.

Part 1: Live in Your Body 1 (54)
Join the Movement 3 (16)
Learn how Pilates works hand in hand with your real life and find a whole new way to get your body moving
Fix Your Frame 19 (14)
Find out how Pilates can improve your posture. One of the hallmarks of Pilates is that it can alleviate most back pain Take Your Breath 33 (12)
Discover how your breath can enhance your life (Re)Discover the Perfect Body 45 (10)
Find out what the Pilates method can do for you and how to train yourself right Part 2: Show Me the Mat 55 (62)
Befriend Your Body 57 (16)
Joseph Pilates understood the secret to attaining poise and grace. You need to work the body from within-every muscle evenly, no matter how small Sculpt Yourself into Shape 73 (16)
Now you're ready to tackle the Mat workout. Follow the introductory exercises in this chapter, and you're off to a great start Get the Man-Made Mat Body 89 (14)
Great bodies are made, not born. It's the exercises in this chapter that give you body results. You, too, can obtain the man-made body Graduate to the ``It'' Body 103 (14)
Love-handle free and loving life. Add seven new exercises to your Mat routine to chisel your body so that you can flaunt it Part 3: Moving On Up 117 (62)
Smart Sweating 119 (16)
It's time to sweat! Put an edge on the introductory work. You'll add several advanced Mat exercises that turn the heat way up The Intelligent Workout 135 (16)
As you complete the Mat finish line, you'll find out why your brain, along with your muscles, is challenged to the max The Anticellulite Solution 151 (14)
Shouldn't those dimples be reserved for your face cheeks? You can tighten those areas that seem to travel south with the Side-Kick Series in this chapter Flexing Muscles 165 (14)
Whittle away the flabby skin that waddles long after you've lifted your arm to wave hello. With the Standing Arms Series in this chapter, you'll be saying hello to slender, defined arms Part 4: Instruments of Torture 179 (64)
Body Reformer: The Rack 181 (16)
You'll wiggle into a weird-looking medieval device, wrap your toes around a bar, hold on to a pair of leather handles, and pull back and forth on a bed-like platform. This chapter introduces you to the beginning Universal Reformer workout Bednasium: The Cadillac 197 (14)
Find out about the variety of full-body moves that you can do with the Cadillac, a medieval-looking bed with springs and a trapeze. These moves bring you back to the days of hanging off a swing set Body in Motion: The Wunda Chair 211 (10)
It does ``Wunders'' for your body. You need more than strength to tackle the exercises on the Wunda Chair. Joseph Pilates said, ``Everyone needs one in his living room.'' Spinal Soother: The Barrels 221 (10)
Joseph Pilates said, ``You're as old as your spine is flexible.'' In this chapter, you'll see a few exercises that leave you feeling oh-so-stretched! Simply Fit: The Magic Circle 231 (12)
You prefer to exercise at home. Besides convenient, it's prudent. Enter the Magic Circle, another Joseph Pilates invention Part 5: Forever Fit 243 (42)
The Art of Teaching 245 (12)
Find out if you have what it takes to join the Pilates movement If You Build It, They Will Come 257 (12)
Don't just sculpt your butt-save it. Why not open up a Pilates gym? Learn how to get started and make a good living while teaching your passion, Pilates The Many Faces of Joseph Pilates 269 (16)
For years master teachers have passed on Joseph Pilates's work. Find out what style is right for you Appendixes
A Certification Programs 279 (2)
B Glossary 281 (4)
Index 285

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