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Hatha Yoga Illustrated - Martin Kirk - Brooke Boon - Daniel DiTuro 19,35EUR
Hatha Yoga Illustrated - Martin Kirk - Brooke Boon - Daniel DiTuro
Klikkaa suuremmaksi

Experience the physical benefits and body awareness from hatha yoga—the most popular form of yoga today. Hatha Yoga Illustrated presents nearly 650 full-color photos to visually demonstrate 77 standard poses from hatha yoga that apply to all major hatha styles including Iyengar, Astanga, Anusara, and Bikram.

Individual poses are presented from start to finish, showing you how to achieve proper alignment and breathing to ensure challenging yet safe execution. The result is an increase in the effectiveness, both physically and mentally, you’ll experience with each pose. Several pose variations based on your personal preference, ability, and fitness level are also included.

Eleven sample yoga routines show how to assemble the poses into workouts that meet your specific time, difficulty, and intensity parameters. Colorful and comprehensive, Hatha Yoga Illustrated is organized for your ultimate convenience and use. Use it to guide your muscles, as well as your mind, and increase strength and stamina, reduce stress and anxiety, reduce blood pressure, and increase flexibility.

About the Author
Martin Kirk is an Anusara certified yoga instructor and a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. He has studied with John Friend, Anusara Yoga founder, since 1994. Kirk and his wife, Jordan, are owners and directors of teacher training for Yoga Village in Phoenix, Arizona.

Kirk found his passion for yoga as a graduate student at Arizona State University, where he earned his master of science degree in biomedical engineering. He is a member of the Arizona Yoga Association and conducts yoga teacher trainings and workshops worldwide.

Kirk lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife and coteacher, Jordan. He can be contacted by e-mail at or through his Web site,

Brooke Boon is cofounder of Studio Om Yoga and Tai Chi in Phoenix, Arizona. She received her certification through Baptiste Power Yoga Institute and is a registered yoga teacher as well as a member of the Arizona Yoga Association. Her certification came after working with world-renowned master teacher Baron Baptiste.

Boon’s teaching style is designed to promote stability, strength, and serenity as well as create hormonal and emotional balance. She specializes in power vinyasa and also instructs classes for mature adults, athletes, and expectant mothers, emphasizing that yoga is for everybody.
Boon lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Daniel DiTuro was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and is a graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering. He has worked as a mechanical engineer since 1980. His interest in photography began at the age of 10. In 1986 he started DiTuro Photography, specializing in commercial and portrait photography.

After a shoulder injury, Daniel began practicing hatha yoga in 1999. Having discovered the therapeutic benefits of yoga, he began working on a series of photographs that evolved into The Yoga Project to introduce people to yoga and meditation. In addition to his work as a mechanical engineer and photographer, Daniel enjoys a variety of activities including traveling, hiking, writing, and cooking.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Art and Practice of Hatha Yoga
Roots of Yoga
Getting the Most From Your Yoga Practice
Learning to Meditate
Using the Asanas in This Book

Chapter 2. Standing Postures
Downward-Facing Dog
Extended Side-Angle
Warrior II
Crescent Lunge
Warrior I
Revolved Extended Side-Angle
Revolved Triangle
Standing Intense Spread-Leg Pose
Humble Warrior
Intense Side-Stretch

Chapter 3. Balancing Postures
Tiptoe Pose
Revolved Half-Moon
Standing Extended Leg Stretch
Warrior III

Chapter 4. Arm-Balancing Postures
Inclined Plane
Lateral Inclined Plane
Four-Limbed Staff

Chapter 5. Inverted Postures
Shoulder Stand
Head Stand

Chapter 6. Backward-Bending Postures
Upward-Facing Dog
Upward-Facing Bow

Chapter 7. Twisting Postures
Gentle Spinal Twist
Reclining Spinal Twist
Simple Sitting Twist
Bound Half-Lotus Twist
Sitting Spinal Twist I
Sitting Spinal Twist II

Chapter 8. Forward-Bending Postures
Seated Forward Bend
Standing Forward Bend
Single-Leg Head-to-Knee Forward Bend
Revolved Head-to-Knee Forward Bend
Side Open-Angle
Three-Limb Intense Stretch

Chapter 9. Sitting Postures
Looking Within
Baby Cradle
Kneeling Pose
Cow Face
Staff Pose
Yoga Sealing Pose

Chapter 10. Reclining and Relaxation Postures
Reclining Hero
Reclining Big-Toe
Reclining Bound-Angle
Reclining Open-Leg Spinal Twist
Supported Bridge
Supported Hero
Child’s Pose

Chapter 11. Hatha Yoga Routines
Gentle Yoga I
Gentle Yoga II
Yoga for Flexibility I
Yoga for Flexibility II
Vinyasa Yoga I
Vinyasa Yoga II
Vinyasa Yoga III
Sun Salutation I
Sun Salutation II
Moon Salutation I
Moon Salutation II

Words of Praise
"Hatha Yoga Illustrated is a complete and practical introduction to the physical practice of yoga that serves as a fantastic starting point on the road to both physical and emotional wellness."

Baron Baptiste
Pioneering instructor of Power Vinyasa Yoga
Author of Journey Into Power

“Hatha Yoga Illustrated makes the theory and practice of hatha and Anusara yoga accessible so that everyone can experience the healing, creative and empowering journey of self-practice. The section on various vinyasa sequences is a hard-to-find gem.”

Shiva Rea
Yoga instructor and writer for Yoga Journal

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