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Newsletter 1/2008 Yogalife
Newsletter  1/2008 Yogalife
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Myös suomksi

Yogashops newsletter 1/2008

New doublestrap matbag
Iyengar yoga book suggestions
Full lotus DVD
Delivery terms for the summer
Yoga hint 1
Yoga hint 2
Would you like to share your own best pracitces?

New matbag with two straps
This double strap sollution makes it easy to carry the mat like a backpack when walking or bicycling to your own yoga pracitse. since the straps are easily adjusted it can also easily be carried (both straps) over the shoulder or carrying straps across the chest it you want. The material is still the same strong POL300D that we have used for several years in different quality products. It is easy to fit even a 66cm wide yoga mat and some clothes into the bag.

Iyengar yoga book suggestions
Consider iyengar if you ever wondered:
- What each asanas final target is and its steps until you reach it.
- How to do each asana safely and anatomically correct.
- How to make the asana more user friendly using props like cork blocks or/and straps.

Here is a few book suggestions:
- 30 Essential Yoga Poses: For Beginning Students and Their Teachers - Judith Lasater
- Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing - Timothy McCall
- Yoga for Healthy Knees: What You Need to Know for Pain Prevention and Rehabilitation - Sandy Blaine
- Yoga: Awakening the Inner Body - Donald Moyer
- Yoga: the path to a holistic health - B.K.S. Iyengar

Do you dream of Full lotus ?
Susi Davies gives a safe way of opening the ship area and finally reaching the the full lotus in here DVD - Growing your Lotus.

Delivery terms for the summer:
- Now it is easy to visit us to check out our new stuff or just to pick up your order at our home office in Töölö/Helsinki. We are open at almost any hour. Just give us a call first.
- Home delivery to your home or office at almost any hour within 60km from Helsinki. Give us a call! Only 7€.

Yogahint 1: Does your hands feel slippery on the yogamat?
My first advice would be to wash your hands, at least here in Finland quite a few uses hand lotions regularly, and that is slippery as soon as you start warm up when doing sun salutation or other heavier exercise.
Secondly: Spread your finger as much as possible. Usually I put down my hands with the little finger pointing straight to the side/outer edge of the mat, then I use the friction of the mat to slowly spread my finger forward until my index finger is pointing forward.
Third: Try to spread the weight over the whole palm and finger ( lighten the area of the palm that is closest to the wrist, and move the weight to the balls of the fingers and of course on to the fingers also.
Another benefit of this work is that you activate more of the muscles along the forearm, that will also support and strengthen your wrist. / Hasse, Helsinki

Yogahint 2: Stay in this moment using your breath
I have noticed that my thoughts easily slip away to even when I try to focus on my practice. ( what should I eat tonight?.. )
Luckily I have also noticed that by bringing my own thought back to the basics ( as the breathing) I can keep my mind in this moment. This can easily change the practice from a performance to a enjoyable moving meditation.

By turning my focus to my own breathing it has helped me understanding my own body, and at the same time it reduces the noise of the own thoughts. Just by trying to make the in- &exhale smoother, and as the same time encourage all parts of the body that are involved in the breathing to enjoy each breath. These things can help finding a new depth in my own practice. I have several time experienced a transformation just when some asana feel really challenging just by deepening my breath, the breath seems to help me to open up my body by taking away stiffness, making the body feel stronger and more flexible at the same time. As bonus the mind also calms down and easier stays in this moment.

The best part of this is that I now understand that I can use my experiences from the yogamat also in other phases of my daily life. In challenging moments I try to remember not to worry about the future and instead focus on this moment; Just by deepening my breath I give myself the possibility to stay calm and open minded, and then the yoga becomes more than a physical exercise at a specific hour. Instead it brings joy to th whole life. / Minna, London

Would you like to share your best experiences with us?
The best practices will be shared in our newsletter and also on our homepage. Send them to: joogakauppa AT

We would be happy to send you future newsletters by e-mail if you would like to read them. Just register your adress in our customer database.

Enjoy your practise!
Hans Kauppila

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