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Yoga for back care - Rodney Yee - DVD 26,21EUR
Yoga for back care - Rodney Yee - DVD
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Rodney Yee - Yoga for back care
Complete three-part yoga practice to help restore and maintain a healthy back; An analysis of yoga's effectiveness on back health with family physician Baxter Bell, M.D.; Bonus sequence of poses to help maintain proper posture while seated.

Product Details

1. Introduction [3:14]
2. Exploration [16:58]
3. Strength & Flexibilty [18:48]
4. Restoration [17:37]

Editorial Reviews

From the makers of the health magazine Yoga Journal, Yoga for Back Care is a workout video designed to strengthen back muscles and restore spinal alignment. Hosted by yoga instructor Rodney Yee, this three-part workout teaches stretches, poses, and twists to increase back health. These movements help people respond to back pain, increase flexiblity, and learn how to relax. Also includes expert commentary from Dr. Baxter Bell, M.D

Rodney Yee has been curious about the mind and body for as long as he can remember. He was a gymnast, a ballet dancer, and a philosophy and physical therapy major. Following the thread of curiosity about mind and body, he took his first yoga class in 1980 and knew from the start that it would be a lifelong passion. Now that his mind and body are going through midlife, he is much more curious about the spirit. His spirit is fed by his wife Colleen and his 4 children. Life is abundant and chaotic and keeps Rodney returning to asana, pranayama, and meditation. Teaching is still a main vehicle for Rodney to understand union. He has created dozens of DVDs through Gaiam, and has written two books, Yoga: The Poetry of the Body and Moving Toward Balance, both with Nina Zolotow. He teaches workshops and retreats worldwide and leads teacher training intensives nationally. Rodney has also studied Iyengar yoga.

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