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Yoga for Your Pregnancy DVD - Yoga Journal & Lamaze 34,27EUR
Yoga for Your Pregnancy DVD - Yoga Journal & Lamaze
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A regular prenatal yoga practice as taught in Yoga for Your Pregnancy can give you the energy to enjoy your pregnancy, the serenity to build a deeper intimacy with your body, and the ability to be present for the miracle of birth. Prenatal yoga can ease the discomforts of pregnancy, such as moodiness, shortness of breath, swollen ankles, nausea, indigestion and insomnia; and help you prepare for the rigors and mysteries of labor. On each video:

PART 1: ENERGIZING & STRENGTHENING (30 minutes) Gentle flowing practice to build strength and stamina for the demands of labor-and alleviate the discomforts caused by your ever-changing body.

PART 2: RELAXING & REJUVENATING (15 minutes) Learn breathing exercises to help you manage contractions-plus meditation techniques to help you relax and concentrate during delivery. Lamaze Interview-with expert Carol Penn Erskine

Exclusively on DVD:
Pranayama for Pregnancy: 3 simple breathing techniques to calm your nervous system Meditation for Pregnancy: Guided meditation to help foster inner focus and awareness Birthing Room Yoga: Simple yoga techniques to encourage a peaceful mind and body during delivery
Postnatal Yoga Practice: Gentle practice to help you regain strength and flexibility 6 weeks after delivery
Articles from Yoga Journal and Lamaze Parents magazine on yoga and pregnancy on a special DVD-Rom section

This video show you how to modify some poses using yoga props. Depending on your flexibility or stage of pregnancy, you may need a chair, two large pillows, a blanket, or sofa cushions. The use of a yoga mat is recommended.

Here are the poses that this DVD teaches:

(30 minutes)
Poses include:
Tree PosePelvic Rocks with 3 variations: easy pose, chair pose, seated in a chair
Side Stretches with 3 variations
Hands to Shoulders
Twists with 3 variations
Wide leg stretch with side bends
Wide leg stretch with forward bend
Table Pose
Quad Stretch
Camel Pose
Cat/Cow Pose
High Lunges
Calf Stretches
Downward-Facing Dog
Child’s Pose
Modified Push Up
Rock Pose with Venus hand lock
Tree Pose
Final Relaxation with variations

Poses include:
Head nods
Neck rolls
Spinal TwistEasy Spinal Twist, 2 variations: easy pose and seated in a chair
Pelvic circles
Wide Butterfly
Hip circles
Supported Standing Forward Bend
Wide Legged Standing Forward Bend
Shoulder stretches
Ankle rolls
Queen Dancer Pose
Final Relaxation with variations

Poses include:
Shoulder rolls and triceps stretch
Rock Pose with Venus hand lock
Pelvic rocks with breath of fire
Spinal rolling
Leg lifts
Plow Pose
Bridge Pose
Cat/Cow with Breath of Fire
Downward-Facing Dog Pose
with Childs PoseLeg lifts
Cobra Pose
Locust Pose
Child's Pose

Poses include:
Pelvic circles
Pelvic circles
Supported Downward-Facing Dog
Child’s Pose

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