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Joogapyyhe "täplä" - sininen Yogalife 35,29EUR
Joogapyyhe "täplä" - sininen Yogalife
Joogapyyhe \"täplä\" - sininen Yogalife
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Joogapyyhe täplä

Yogatowels are super absorbent & put a hygienic layer between you & your yoga mat. Use your mat towel over a sticky mat or on top of a cotton mat. The towel has micro dots of anti-slip material which can stimulate pressure points on your hands & feet. It can also heighten awareness of the weight distribution between your hands, fingers, feet & toes.

We put this product through it's paces before deciding to stock the range - and guess what? It really works: One of our testers commented "What I really liked about the mat towel was the way it rolled up really small and take to class to put on top of the rather crusty mats supplied. Oh - and it looks great too! Can I keep it?" . Another ashtanga teacher trying out the mat towel said "Wow - good grip and no need to spray water on my cotton mat any longer!"

Professional microfiber towel with anti-slip dots; super soft, extremely absorbent, anti-bacterial, hygienic and robust. The dots on the underside provide excellent traction when pressure or weight is applied and offer a secure and stable anti-slip surface.

The towel can be used as a replacement for a yoga mat or as an additional absorbent, anti-slip layer.

size: 183 x 61 cm
material: microfiber(80% Polyester 20% Polyamide and silicon dots)
weight : 0.5 kg

Instructions for care:

washable max. 30°, wash separately, no bleach
use only a small amount of detergent (approx. 1/3 the usual amount)
no fabric softener (reduces the absorbency)

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