A search in secret india – Paul Brunton

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An unabridged edition to include: Wherein I Bow to the Reader – A Prelude to the Quest – A Magician Out of Egypt – I Meet A Messiah – The Anchorite of the Adyar River – The Yoga Which Conquers Death – The Sage Who Never Speaks – With The Spiritual Head of South India – The Hill of the Holy Beacon – Among The Magicians And Holy Men – The Wonder-Worker of Benares – Written in the Stars! – The Garden of the Lord – At the Parsee Messiah’s Headquarters – A Strange Encounter – In a Jungle Hermitage – Tablets of Forgotten Truth

Paul Brunton was one of the finest modern exponents of the world’s sacred wisdom teachings, with a genius for expressing their truths for the modern Western reader.

328 pages

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