Anatomy of movement – Blandine Calais-Germain

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Tämä selkeä ja ytimekäs teksti on kuvitettu yli 1000 selventävällä piirroksella, ja kirja vie lukijansa kierrokselle lihaksien, luiden, nivelsiteiden ja jänteiden kautta koko ihmis kroppaan. Kirja ei ainoastaan keskity anatomiaan, vaan on kertoo myös kropassa tapahtuvista liikkeistä joita vaaditaan mm. tanssissa ja muissa harjoituksissa. Tämä on dynaaminen opas ymmärtää lihasrakennetta ja vartalon liikkeitä.


“A great study companion for any human anatomy course, and perfect for ACE-certified professionals or those studying to take the ACE exam.”
—American Council on Exercise, Recommended Reading List

“Calais-Germain truly understands the musculoskeletal system, its functional anatomy and potential dysfunctions. This book is a ‘must-have’ for bodyworkers.”
—John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M., Author, Craniosacral Therapy

“Anatomy of Movement is a wonderfully concise and accessible resource for the training of instructors at the New York City Ballet Workout.”
—John-Mario Sevilla, Manager of School Programs, New York City Ballet

“A beautifully thought-out and exceptionally well-illustrated book.”

“Fills a great clinical need. No other book describes function and structural realities of movement so clearly and simply.”
—Michael Smith, M.D.

“This work is truly by one who understands movement. Calais-Germain shows her respect for the logic of human anatomy and biomechanics, and reveals her experience in dance. The text is a necessity for all dance teachers and students in their pursuit of further knowledge of the art form.”
—Moira McCormack, MSc, MCSP, SRP, Lecturer in Anatomy, Royal Academy of Dance

“Our students love it! The consistent sequencing of information about each body region helps students develop a thinking process about that part, i.e., ‘This is how it’s put together, so this is how it works.'”
—Pat Archer, M.S., L.M.P., A.T.C., Director of Education, Brenneke School of Massage, Seattle

# Introduction
# The Trunk
# The Shoulder
# The Elbow
# The Wrist & Hand
# The Hip & Knee
# The Ankle & Foot
# Index

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