Ayurvedic massage -Traditional Indian Techniques – Harish Johari

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Yksi mailman vanhimmista hoitomuodoista on Ayurveda joka näkee ihmisen läheisesti yhteyteen kaikkien muiden elämän muotojen kanssa. Kun tätä parannus metodia kehitettiin Ayurvedisiä lääkärit, jotka olivat myös hieronta terapeutteja kehittivät systeemin, jossa ymmärrys kustakin kroppatyypistä auttoi saavuttamaan parhaan mahdollisen tuloksen hierontahoidosta. Ayrvedinen hieronta toimii sekä fyysisellä että psyykkisellä tasolla, johtaen elämän energiaa niin, että kroppa voi uudistua ja korjata itse itsensä. Hieronta myös lievittää lihas jännityksiä, parantaa lihasten kiinteyttä, parantaa jänteiden ja nivelten liikkuvuutta sekä vähentää ikääntymisen haittoja. Kirjailija Harish Johari opastaa lukijan läpi täydellisen koko kropan hieronnan, selittää mitkä öljyt toimivat parhaiten kuhunkin kroppatyyppiin ja hän näyttää kuinka tasapainottaa kroppaa sekä stimuloida kehon omaa parantamisprossessia. Yli 115 kaunista piirroskuvaa tekniikoista.

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One of the oldest systems in the world, Ayurveda views the human being as intimately connected with the environment and all other life forms. As this healing art evolved, massage practitioners who were also Ayurvedic doctors developed a special system based on the. if own understandings of the needs of specific body types and their knowledge of the marmas, subtle energy points that respond to gentle physical manipulation. Providing a comprehensive.introduction to Ayurvedic massage, this is the first book to make these techniques available to both the novice and the more experienced massage practitioner.

Ayurvedic massage works on both the physical and mental levels, transmitting a lifegiving energy that assists systems of the body to repair and, renew themselves. If enjoyed on a regular basis, it can relieve muscular tension, tone the body, restore agility to stiff joints, and stop premature aging and wrinkling, In clear and accessible language, author Harish Johati guides the reader through each step in the full-body massage, explaining what oils work best for particular body types and showing how to relieve imbalances and stimulate self healing, More than 115 beautiful drawings illustrate his techniques.
He also gives instructions for using massage during pregnancy and labor as well as after delivery to provide the new mother with an extra measure of support and comfort, and he follows up with a section on massaging the newborn baby, An additional chapter on therapeutic massage outlines special techniques and natural remedies for
treating specefic disorders, including arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, and insomnia, The author also offers a complete guide to the traditional forty-day beauty treatment as praciced in India that includes a wide varietyof recipes For fragrant massage oils prepared, from rejuvenating herbs and spices along with formulas for nourishing facial creams and masks and beautifying clay baths.

Haris Johari began. his training in the principles of Ayurveda at an early age, studying in his native India with several different vaidyas, or traditional Ayurvedic practitioners. He is also the author of numerous books,including The Healing Cuisine, Tools for Tantra, Chakras, numerology, and The Healing power of Gemstones.
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