Be a Healthy Woman! – Gary Null – Amy McDonald

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“In an increasingly Balkanized medical community, fractured by all manner of alternative therapies, Null, a PhD in human nutrition and public-health science, is leading one of the biggest breakaway republics of all.”—Jeffrey Kluger, TIME

Strong. Smart. Fit. Brave. Healthy. If any of these words fit you or the woman you want to be, join best-selling author Gary Null on a journey to improve women’s health. From menstruation to menopause and beyond, this new compendium of health issues founded in holistic principles, updated from Null’s popular For Women Only! and Women’s Health Solutions, features the most up-to-date clinical experiences and published research. It covers topics as diverse as physical fitness, depression, PMS, adolescent health, fibromyalgia, and menopause. Packed with patient stories, practitioner testimonials, and delicious recipes, Be a Healthy Woman has everything you need to stay healthy.

Gary Null is one of America’s most popular health and fitness writers. Dr. Null has a PhD in nutrition and is the author of hundreds of medical articles and dozens of books, including the recently released The Food-Mood Connection.

Amy McDonald has worked in the medical publishing field for nearly twenty years. She has edited many articles and several books, including The Food-Mood Connection and the national bestseller Get Healthy Now!, both by Gary Null.

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