Bush yoga – Daniel Cota

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Book Description
You’re probably surprised to hear that President George W. Bush does yoga. It’s true, George Bush has tapped into the fountainhead of compassion and sage wisdom that comes from one of the world’s most ancient practices. With the help of the 12 “ George Bush Elite Force Aviation action figure, author Daniel Cota will share with you the knowledge that W has gleaned from his practice. In this rare glimpse, the world’s most powerful man (in doll form) leads devotees through a series of postures which include: inversions, seated, standing, warriors, backbends, and more. W will also take you on a transcendental journey as he expounds on breathing techniques and the practice of meditation. As you walk along the path with George you will be privy to never-before heard stories from his personal life. Expect lots of dish about Condi, Cheney, Laura, and more. Bush Yoga is sure to change not only the way you see our President but perhaps even the way you see yourself.

From the Author
This book has been created to explore the sometimes natural, and sometimes unnatural union between George W. Bush and yoga. It is an experiment. Its meaning at the outset of its creation was unknown, and now that it is complete, its meaning is probably even more uncertain.

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