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Core Integration – A Total Abdominal Awakening

Jill leads an in-depth exploration of all major and minor muscle groups that comprise the body’s core, which she refers to as “a physiologic and energetic hub of activity that gives us physical stability and digestive regularity. It’s also a vital source of determination, will and purpose in our lives.” There are also special exercises that bring more awareness to the abdominal diaphragm, the muscle that governs respiration. The poses and exercises that Miller demonstrates strengthen and lengthen all the core muscles and mobilize the spine, “linking this foundational center to overall health and well-being.”

Yoga Link is Jill’s brand new series loaded with fresh content and new sequences. Each Yoga Link DVD focuses on the directions of movement of the body from within each of three key areas; core, hips and shoulders.
The instruction intelligently increases your awareness through stretching, strengthening, conscious breathing, and waking up these areas in unexpected ways.
There are also a variety of extras, including a Breathing Primer which adds several more layers to deepen your overall experience.
These programs are designed to delight, inform and integrate seamlessly into your current yoga or fitness routine.

Highlights from this DVD include: Core Workshop – detailed pose instruction (71 min)
Core Practice – a full routine for regular practice (57 min)
Breathing Primer – essential breathing techniques (15 min)
Bonus exercises on Agni Sara and Spinal Undulation

Looking for some new moves to tone your core muscles? The DVD Core Integration is designed to strengthen you from the inside out. The exercises are meant to
not only target your abdominal muscles, but they’ll also strengthen weak muscle
tissue, awaken sluggish organs, stretch scar tissue, and cultivate vibrancy in your
nervous system. It’s important to strengthen your core for spinal stability and digestive health, but it also makes us feel good about ourselves to have tight abs.

I’m a fan of this DVD because the instructor gives you a little three-minute anatomy lesson of your core muscles, and describes how each muscle moves your spine. Very cool.
Then in the workshop portion of the DVD, she shows you how to use props (a mat, block, wall, and a foam roller) to do some really awesome core-strengthening moves that target
your rectus abdominals, obliques, and your transverse abdominals, and psoas (you’ll learn what these are if you watch the video). She does a great job of explaining each move as
she’s doing it, and describes what’s happening in your body as you do each exercise.
I haven’t learned this much from a yoga DVD in a long time.

After the 71-minute workshop portion, she guides you through a 57-minute core
practice, which includes a flow sequence of all the exercises you learned in the
workshop. These moves were amazing, and I worked muscles in my abs I never reach
with regular crunches. I definitely recommend this video if you’re really into
strengthening your core.

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