Dahn Yoga Basics: A Complete Guide to the Meridian Stretching, Breathing Exercises, Energy Work, Relaxation, and Meditation

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Dahn Yoga (also known as Dahnhak) is a mind-body training system originating in Korea. In Korean, “Dahn” means energy, vitality, and the origin of life, and “Hak” means study, philosophy, and theory. Through consistent study of Dahn Yoga’s principles of energy (Ki, Chi), practitioners cultivate greater personal power while developing genuine connection of body and mind. This book offers an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to the meridian stretching, breathing exercises, energy work, and meditation techniques of Dahn Yoga. Whether you are completely new to Dahn Yoga or an advanced practitioner, Dahn Yoga Basics helps you to develop a fit and flexible body, boost your energy and vitality, quiet your mind and improve concentration, and cultivate a feeling of well-being.

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