Dahn Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis and Similar Conditions – Cathie Downie – DVD

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Presents a Dahn Yoga workout designed to accommodate the needs of people with multiple sclerosis and other similar conditions. The DVD includes gentle stretching exercises, guided breathing, deep relaxation, and energy training.

The DVD was inspired by Cathy Downie, who began taking Dahn Yoga in 2005 and quickly discovered its healing effects as her MS symptoms, including fatigue and pain, began to lessen considerably. Working with the Dahn Foundation, she began teaching Dahn Yoga classes to MS patients, which eventually culminated in her helping to develop this instructional DVD.
This DVD will help people with MS:
*Develop their inner core for strength and centeredness
*Discover the secret of emotional control and sustained focus
*Tap into their body’s innate healing power for total revitalization
*Reduce muscle pain, spasticity, and fatigue while boosting energy and managing stress.

Running time 68 minutes

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