Hot yoga- Marilyn Barnett

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Yoga is many centuries old, but hot yoga, developed only in the 1960s, has already proven a beneficial and popular variation on the ancient art. Hot yoga-also known as Bikram, after its originator, Bikram Choudhury-is a method for working out in rooms heated up to 100 degrees, thus enhancing muscle suppleness and aiding body detoxification. This heavily illustrated book describes each of the 26 progressively more challenging hot yoga postures. Aided by color photos, the author gives detailed instruction on all hot yoga poses, which she claims unite mind, body, and spirit when performed in rigorous but enjoyable workouts. Each pose is preceded by information on its specific benefits. Practitioners are advised to end each session with cool-down techniques that relax both mind and body. The book concludes with recommendations for hot yoga as treat-ment for complaints such as back pain, sports injuries, and stress. Hot yoga helps its practitioners explore their limits and enhance their physical and mental well-being. Ap-proximately 50 color photos and more than 100 line drawings.

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It’s the latest and most powerful exercise routine to take America by storm. Bring the transformative effects of hot yoga into your life to re-energize and revitalize your body. You practice hot yoga in rooms heated up to 100 degrees, the high temperature enhancing muscle suppleness and releasing your body’s toxins. Practice hot yoga regularly, and you’ll discover that it is an effective treatment for complaints that include back pain, sports injuries, insomnia, and stress.

Hot yoga will improve your muscle tone and help you enjoy vibrant good health and well-being.

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Drawing on many years’ experience and working with different schools of yoga,
Marilyn Barnett shares health secrets that can transform your life. Explore
ways in which your mind and body work together, and learn the meanings that underlie
hot yoga’s body positions and movements. This instructive volume will help you
discover the 26 postures that are key to hot yoga success.

# Full color illustrations
# Step-by-step instructions
# Variations on hot yoga’s traditional postures for those who have less flexibility or strength

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Marilyn Barnett is a certified Bikram Yoga instructor and co-owner of Yoga Connection Tribeca in New York City. A former nurse and mother of two wonderful children, she combines a passion for yoga and wellness with a meticulous and nurturing style of teaching yoga.

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