Insight Yoga Earth – Balancing Yin Energy – Sarah Powers – DVD

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Practices that build a stable Earth foundation for living an embodied and creative life!
This DVD features Sarah’s remarkable blend of dynamic yoga movements, Yin-style held postures and skillfully guided meditations. We humans are a confluence of earth ‘Yin’ energy and heavenly ‘Yang’ energy. Just as our world could not exist without the Yin support of the ground below and the Yang space of the sky above, our health and vitality depend upon these complementary upper and lower energies.
Our yoga practice draws strength from these two primordial forces of life and increases chi migration throughout the whole body while improving pranic circulation through the Hara, the belly center which is the wellspring of our life force. The emphasis in the Insight Yoga | Earth DVD is on enhancing the vitality in the Hara while encouraging strength and stability in our legs and abdomen-the ‘earth’ areas of the body.

Earth DVD Overview:
Practice Overview (9 min): A short presentation on the principles of Insight Yoga with further details about each practice on this DVD.
Practice 1: Grounding Down (55 min): Standing and balancing poses that encourage lower-body groundedness, followed by fluid movements to decongest stagnancy in the back and shoulders. This practice helps maintain a healthy spine.
Practice 2: Spiraling the Universal Chi Down and In (31 min): Seated twists and core strengtheners that increase circulation along the spine and abdomen.
Shamata Meditation (20 min): A breath-focused meditation to develop a relaxed and stable quality of non-distracted attention that cultivates ease of being.
Vipassana Meditation (18 min): A mindfulness practice to disengage from the habits of mental reactivity and develop an alert, inquisitive attitude leading to insight.
This DVD is new and comes in an eco-friendly cardboard case, additionally NO environmentally unsafe shrink wrap is used, the DVD is sealed with a simple sticker to help save our earth!

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