Insight Yoga Heaven – Balancing Yang Energy – Sarah Powers – DVD

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We humans are a confluence of earth ‘Yin’ energy and heavenly ‘Yang’ energy. Just as our world could not exist without the Yin support of the ground below and the Yang space of the sky above, our health and vitality depend upon these complementary upper and lower energies.

Our yoga practice draws strength from these two primordial forces of life and increases chi migration throughout the whole body while improving pranic circulation through the Hara, the belly center which is the wellspring of our life force.

Balancing Yang Energy

The emphasis in the Insight Yoga | Heaven DVD is on enhancing the vibrant Yang energy within our body. We then balance this with a grounded Yin-based practice.

Heaven DVD Overview

• Practice Overview (9 min): A short presentation on the principles of Insight Yoga with further details about each practice on this DVD.

• Practice 1: Strengthening the Lung Chi (65 min): A series of of upper body poses, inversions and yin backbends, with breath exercises and visualizations to strengthen the lungs and increase overall circulation and vitality in the body.

• Practice 2: Ground Support: Breathing into the Hara (45 min): A series of yin and yang postures practiced on our backs, nourishing the spine, hips and abdomen.

• Karuna Meditation (16 min): A guided compassion meditation in which we use our mental and emotional obstacles as opportunities for developing kindness and sensitivity toward our vulnerabilities as well as an empathic connection with others.

Audience: All levels of practitioners
Focus: Balancing Yang upper body energy
Intensity: Moderate physical exercises and meditation
Props: Yoga mat, strap, cushion or chair for meditation
Style: Yin poses integrated with dynamic postures

About Sarah Powers
Sarah Powers began teaching in 1987. She interweaves the insights and practices of Yoga and Buddhism into an integral practice to enliven the body, heart and mind. Her yoga style blends both a Yin sequence of long held poses to enhance the meridian and organ systems, combined with a flow or Yang practice, influenced by Viniyoga, Ashtanga, and alignment based teachings.

Her Buddhist training in Insight Meditation includes many retreats with Spirit Rock trained teachers, time spent in a Monastery in Burma, and a dharma teacher training with Bhante Gunaratana. She has also sat a number of Zen and Chan retreats. Her main influence for the last 7 years has been the Dzogchen teacher, Tsoknyi Rinpoche.

She teaches retreats with her husband Ty, and together they home school their teenage daughter, Imani Jade. They live in Marin, CA.

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