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Into Silence CD by Deva Premal is healing mantra & chanting music for yoga, meditation and rexalation.

Deva Premal, international superstar of new age sacred chant, has sold more than 700,000 records and now, for the first time, her most popular meditative works are collected in one album. Into Silence offers a soothing compilation of some of her most divine, meditative chants and mantras to help you “awaken the longing in your heart amidst the blessed space of silence.”

nto Silence, released by Sounds True, offers a soothing compilation of some of Deva’s most meditative chants & mantras to help you “awaken the longing in your heart amidst the blessed space of silence.”

Devotees of the German-born New Age singer Deva Premal will relish this alluring compilation of some of her most sensitive mantra chants. Particularly moving is her achingly pure soprano in Om Hraum Mitraya (May the light of friendship shine), an ancient Sanskrit mantra celebrating the 12 spiritual gifts of the sun, which include illumination, healing abilities, and spiritual magnetism.

“Om Asatoma (Take us from the false) states: Take us from the false to truth / From darkness to light. This ancient Hindu prayer is found in a philosophical treatise from 800 B.C.E. Deva Premal wears all this learning lightly, and her hypnotic vocalizing makes age-old meditations sound fresh and immediate.”

-Benjamin Ivy Spirituality & Health US 2008

“Chanting is a devotional tool that can transform our consciousness by triggering associations and tapping the power of entrainment, breath, and intent. It is an ingredient in Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Native American, Hindu, African, and Goddess/Earth traditions. Deva Premal has released 14 albums with her partner, Miten. She is a classically trained singer and musician known around the world for her elegant and serene sacred chants. She was raised in a German home where Eastern spirituality was practiced. She was chanting the Gayatri Mantra by age five and has meditated throughout her life.

” This collection of nine meditative works brings together her best sacred chants, all of which are designed to “awaken the longing in your heart amidst the blessed space of silence.” These songs are sonic containers for prayer….”

-Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality & Practice

“Deva Premal’s music has always had a power over me. It could calm me in my sad, crazy, scrambly moods. She sings chants in languages that I have never understood, but I feel the power and the calm in both the prayers and her tone.

“Her new CD, Into Silence, The Meditation Music is perfect for yoga and meditation, sure, but I like it for the times I’m stuck at my desk, doing work that demands all my self-discipline–the endless administrative tasks, bookkeeping, or after speaking to an angry client.

“Just reading the English names of the meditation soothes me, including May the light of friendship shine (Om Hraum Mitraya) and Take us from the false to truth (Om Asatoma). This is a compilation CD, but the choices are all the softer, gentler chants, including Gate, Gate and Om Mane Padme Hom.

“The fact that the chants are more than two thousand years old makes them all the more meaningful and powerful. Her moving soprano is strong enough to handle the history and gentle enough to bring your blood pressure down.

“I find the best place for this music (in addition to the office) is while waiting for your flight at the airport, in the doctor’s waiting room, in the endless line at the grocery store and when you mind picks up speed just as you are trying to go to sleep. This ancient music is perfect for our modern times.”

~ QuinnCreative

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