Massage – A career at your fingertips – Martin Ashley

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Opas henkilöille jotka haluavat alkaa harjoittaa hierojan ammattia. Tämä kirja kertoo hieronnan historiaa ja millaista on hierojan ammatti ja kuinka sillä voi tulla toimeen. Kirja on sekä uraopas, että samalla liikkeen/liiketoiminnan perustamis opas Kaikki mahdolliset aspektit on otettu huomioon, kuten virallisien asioiden hoito, lisenssit yms. (Amerikassa huom!) markkinointi ja mainonta, praktiikan hankkiminen, ihmisten lähestyminen, asiakas suhteiden hoito yms.

Kirja on englaniksi

Both a career manual and a reference directory, this book begins with an exploration of the nature of the massage profession, its recent history, and the realities of making a living in this field. All aspects of building a practice are discussed, from finding a location to attracting clients and keeping records.

Acknowledgements viii
Introduction For the novice, for the massage or bodywork student, for the practitioner ix
Introduction to the Fourth Edition xi
I: An Overview of the Profession & What It Takes to Succeed in It
Is A Career In Massage For You?
3 (2)
First item, money

second item, drive and motivation

third item, commitment

still interested?

The Massage and Bodywork Field: Its Time Has Come
5 (4)
What is massage, anyway?

“Bodywork” and massage


recent growth of massage, factors involved

what does the future hold?

People’s barriers to massage

Current Professional and Political Issues
9 (10)
What is at stake?

Governmental regulation of massage

why regulate the practice?

Why some oppose attempt to create regulation

licensing, certification, registration

a brief history of the National Certification Exam

suggestions for the future

II: Career Options, Strategies and Tactics
Your Career In Massage Or Bodywork—Let’s Get Organized
19 (8)
Common misconceptions

typical career paths

elements these career paths have in common

main causes of career failures

the golden keys to career success

make a commitment to strengthen your weaknesses

Career Options in Massage
27 (10)
Kinds of massage, types of clients

settings for the practice of massage

legal relationships

Career Strategies
37 (5)
Investigate the field

going to massage school

choose your approach: permanent part-time, cautious exploration, planned transition or total immersion

create a business plan and follow it through

Marketing Yourself as a Massage Therapist
42 (25)
Section One — Preliminary questions

Are you ready?

How long do you expect this to take?

What’s your plan?

Sample business plan

create your business plan

Section Two — nuts and bolts of marketing for massage and bodywork

Person-to-person techniques: demonstration/lecture, free introductory massages, discounts to clients for referrals, chamber of commerce, on-site promotions, join organizations

Person-to-paper techniques: flyers and business cards, direct mail advertising, yellow pages, newspaper coverage of you and your practice, placing ads in newspapers

Broadcast media, internet marketing opportunities, ethereal marketing techniques, joining managed care networks, fostering repeat business, sources for further information

Opening a Massage Office
67 (18)
Governmental requirements: licensing laws

zoning requirements

health department, police department and fire department requirements

local business taxes

Practical requirement: assumed name certificate

business bank account

stationery, business cards and other printing needs

Business decisions: financial and professional readiness


negotiating a lease

taking credit card

furnishing your office

telephone reception

caller ID

Checklist for office opening

opening a group practice

buying an existing practice

III: Sex, Gender and Touch
Sex and Massage
85 (7)
Section One

clients who want sexual massage

understanding the big picture

screening new clients

one therapist’s story

Section Two

therapists who have sexual feelings toward clients

For Men Only
92 (2)
The challenge for a male therapist

the male as pursuer

Working With Survivors of Childhood Sexual or Physical Abuse
94 (9)
Childhood abuse and the damage that results

the intake interview

during the massage

one survivor’s experience with massage

IV: Business, Practical and Legal Information for the Practitioner
Business Basics and Practice Pointers
103 (8)
Steps you can take toward professionalism

what to expect from clients

pricing your services


Ethics and Boundaries
111 (7)
Fundamentals of ethics: confidentiality, integrity in business practices, boundaries

dual relationships

power imbalance in the therapeutic relationship

romance and dating

individual answers to ethical questions

supervision, transference and counter-transference

Staying Healthy in a Demanding Field
118 (4)
Tips from experienced practitioners

Laundry and Linens
122 (6)
Hire a service vs. do it yourself

choosing a laundry service

finding suppliers of sheets and towels

choosing sheets and towels

tips for do-it-yourself launderers

Professional Associations — Profiles
128 (10)
General membership organizations:

American Massage Therapy Association/COMTA, Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals/IMSTAC, International Massage Association (IMA Group), International Myomassethics Federation

Specialized membership organizations:

American Manual Medicine Association, American Oriental Bodywork Therapy Association, American Polarity Therapy Association, National Association of Nurse Massage Therapists, Nursing Touch & Massage Therapy Association, Hospital-Based Massage Network, Volunteer opportunities for massage, State and Local organizations

138 (4)
Why buy insurance

kinds of insurance available to the professional bodyworker: professional liability, business liability, business insurance, disability insurance, medical insurance

Laws You Should Know About and State Regulation of Massage
142 (13)
Section One — Laws You Should Know About:

federal, state, county and local governments

county and municipal professional licensing laws

other local requirements

business licenses

zoning laws

local taxes

fictitious name certificate

taxpayer ID number

business identity

contractual relationships

laws regulating “bodywork”

laws regulating animal massage

Section Two — State Laws Regarding Massage:

Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin

State Licensing Chart

Income Taxes
155 (15)
The big picture

deductions are beautiful

what can I deduct?

Business use vs. personal use

documenting deductions

schedule C

business use of your car


estimated tax payments

hiring an accountant

getting further information

Scientific Research on the Benefits of Massage
170 (9)
AMTA Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Touch Research Institute, research summaries, resources for further study

Reimbursement For Your Services by Insurance Companies
179 (11)
Current status of insurance reimbursement

how big a part of the profession is it?

Advantages and disadvantages

your role in the health care system

professional arrangements

Procedures for billing insurance companies: step one, preapproval

step two, documentation

step three, billing the company

step four, follow-up, avoiding billing pitfalls

Kinds of insurance

financial responsibility form

states with licensure vs. states without licensure

objective findings


fees and rate structures

electronic filing

Keeping Client and Financial Records
190 (6)
Tax records

client records

records of business activity

sample forms

Managing Your Money; Some Ideas on Financial Planning
196 (117)

long-range planning

kinds of savings plans

tax-sheltered savings plans

kinds of retirement plans: IRA and ROTH IRA, SEP, Keogh

V: Sources of Equipment and Information
Massage Tables and Chairs
203 (2)
Massage Supply Stores and Catalogue Services
205 (3)
Miscellaneous Items—sheets, brochures, software, miscellaneous
208 (2)
Magazines, Newsletter, journals and Books
210 (3)
Marketing, Networking and Promotional Services
213 (4)
VI: Bodywork Organizations and Trainings
Bodywork Systems, Organizations and Trainings
217 (22)
VII: State-by-State Directory
About the State-by-State Directory
239 (3)
Directory of Massage Schools
242 (71)
Index 313

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