Namaste Massage – CD

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Namaste Massage CD by Various Artists offers New Age Music for relaxation music and massage music.

Listening to this beautifully relaxing music will soon have you feeling like the cat that stretches and arches its back as you blend into the ancient healing art of massage.

Namaste Massage TRACKS:
1. Mathilda by Zeus Faber
2. Sigh of the Goddess by Thierry David
3. Terra Magica by Kenio Fuke
4. A Long Way to Go by Mike Howe
5. Angel of Hope by Omar Akram
6. Flowing Bamboo by Karunesh
7. Remembering the Light by Kevin Kern
8. Take Me Tenderly by Liquid Mind
9. Spirit of the Water by Kenio Fuke
10. Ancient Voices by Karunesh
11. L Invitation au Mystere by Thierry David
12. Elysian Fields by 2002

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