Outliers: The Story of Success – Malcom Gladwell

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There is a story that is usually told about extremely successful people, a story that focuses on intelligence and ambition. Gladwell argues that the true story of success is very different, and that if we want to understand how some people thrive, we should spend more time looking “around” them-at such things as their family, their birthplace, or even their birth date. And in revealing that hidden logic, Gladwell presents a fascinating and provocative blueprint for making the most of human potential.
In “The Tipping Point” Gladwell changed the way we understand the world. In “Blink” he changed the way we think about thinking. In OUTLIERS he transforms the way we understand success.

Malcolm Gladwell is the author of three other books, “The Tipping Point,” “Blink,” and “What the Dog Saw,” all of which are “New York Times” bestsellers. He has been a staff writer for “The New Yorker” since 1996, prior to which he was a reporter with the “Washington Post,” where he covered business and science and also served as the newspaper’s New York City bureau chief. Gladwell was born in England, grew up in rural Ontario, and now lives in New York City.

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