Stronger Seniors-Stretch & Strength 2xDVD – Anne Pringle Burnell

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The Stronger Seniors Stretch & Strength Workout Program is designed by Certified Fitness Instructor Anne Pringle Burnell to help seniors develop strength and to enhance the ability to function in daily life. These two fitness DVDs work together to improve your ability to be stable and balanced, to stay mobile, to go up and down stairs, to squat and pick something up, and to play with your grandchildren! Exercise at home regularly with the Stronger Seniors Stretch & Strength Program to increase flexibility, gain strength, and improve heart health and balance. These chair exercise DVDs are designed specifically for seniors and the elderly, are performed in a slow, relaxing pace, and are safe, simple and effective. This set contains two DVDs containing two complete programs. 95 mins. (2012) DVD-All-Region.

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