The 12 Step Restorative Yoga Workbook – Jon Platania

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The 12 Step Restorative Yoga Workbook presents a practical guide to two great healing traditions, Yoga and Recovery. The central point of the book is that people who suffer from addiction are generally uncomfortable in their bodies. This disconnected condition is also characteristic of depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Chapter titles call upon the reader to “Awaken the Sleeping Yogi” and include The History of Yoga and a Brief History of Recovery. The book asks the question, “What is Addiction and What are its causes.” Physiology, anatomy and psychology are understood within the frame of Yoga, Ayurvedic and Western medicine.

“Finally, someone takes the 12 steps of Recovery into the transformative power of Yoga. An easy to use manual with great illustrations that makes the whole process friendly and enlightening at the same time. It looks great. I like the easy style.” Anodea Judith PhD author, Wheels of Life; Eastern Body-Western Mind.

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