The Best Guide to Eastern Philosophy and Religion – Diane Morgan

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Written for the Western reader, this comprehensive guide is easy to access. Sidebars and information boxes provide a quick take of the practices of various religions and their many high-profile Western practitioners, while the text provides a thorough account of Eastern beliefs.

Review Quotes:
“This book aims to explain simply the origins, practices and philosophy of Eastern religions. The author teaches religion and philosophy at a community college, and she has a good sense of the text mechanisms that less sophisticated readers might need to help them read such a book. The wide margins of the text add chapter guides, highlights and reviews . . . Morgan writes in a breezy, casual style that is quite accessible . . . Major topics include Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism, with each major focus broken up into five or six chapters. A last part more quickly explores ‘roads less traveled, ‘ such as Jainism, Shinto and Tantra (the author handles sex here with a beguiling modesty and forthrightness). An index and glossary are useful.”–“Kliatt “

Biographical Note:
Diane Morgan teaches religion and philosophy at Wilson and Frederick Community College. Passionate about sharing the beauty and mystery of Eastern thought with her students, Morgan is also passionate about dogs, and has authored several books on canine care. She lives in Williamsport, Maryland.


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