The Science and Philosophy of Teaching Yoga & Yoga Therapy – Jacqueline Koay – Theodora Barenholtz

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The renaissance of yoga has crated Western style yoga schools, professional organizations offering accreditation and the blending of yoga into modern medicine.
This is a comprehensive yoga textbook that meets the American Yoga Alliance standard for yoga teachers.
The book follows the Yoga Alliance syllabus and includes the required major componenets:
1) Anatomy and Physiology
2) technique
3) Teaching Method
4) Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle
5) Practical Application.

In addition. the use of yoga as alternative medicine is included. Orthopedic, neurological and medical diseases are presented with corresponding yoga to promote healing. This book is suitable as part of a western medical training curriculum and as a guide for yoga teachers and therapists to deepen their yoga practice.
Total 400pages

Contributor Bio: Koay, Jacqueline
Jacqueline Koay is the Founder and Director of Sun Yoga, a global not for profit organization with over 450 teachers worldwide, propagating the Sun Yoga philosophy of healing through yoga. Educated at the University of Manchester and Oxford University, England, Jacqueline is a highly regarded yogi, scientist and author.

Contributor Bio: Barenholtz, Theodora
Theodora Barenholtz is Founder of YogaSense Therapy, providing therapy with a yoga touch for children and adults. Theodora gives workshops internationally on Yoga for Improving Skills in Children with Developmental Delay and has a private practice in Fairfield, CT.

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