Yoga Cures: Simple Routines to Conquer More Than 50 Common Ailments and Live Pain-Free – Tara Stiles

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Do you have a headache? PMS? Cellulite? Shin splints? A broken heart? Or do you just need to chill the *&@# out?

There’s a yoga cure for each of these things. In Yoga Cures, Tara Stiles—owner of Strala Yoga in Manhattan—offers an A-to-Z guide of the poses you can do to target specific problems in your body and get you feeling better right away. Using the fun, fresh approach to yoga she is known for, Stiles takes on more than 50 common ailments ranging from arthritis and fibromyalgia to jiggly thighs and hangovers. Through a simple sequence of poses for each, suitable for the beginner through the advanced practitioner, she provides smart remedies that will keep you healthy and happy.

Tara Stiles is the owner of Strala Yoga in Manhattan, as well as the author of Slim Calm Sexy Yoga and star of the Yoga Transformation DVDs alongside Deepak Chopra.

As Deepak Chopra’s personal yoga instructor (Chopra provides the volume’s foreword) and a contributor to Jane Fonda’s workout DVD line, Stiles (Slim, Calm, Sexy Yoga) has clout in the yoga world, particularly with students who attend the laid-back classes given at her New York City studio. According to Stiles, yoga is “cooler and simpler” than most people think and can make you “feel invincible, like a superhero, ” as well as cure chronic diseases. Bolstered by a brief history of yoga, a discussion of the mind/body connection, and some examples of yoga’s positive effects, Stiles enthusiastically dives into her cures for 50 common conditions: a few poses or short routines to remedy such major concerns as diabetes, depression, and fibromyalgia, and minor but nagging problems like a cold, foot cramps, and “jiggly thighs.” For invisible but life-altering conditions like a broken heart, lack of self-esteem, and inertia, she provides compassionate, empowering advice as well as poses to strengthen and energize mind, body, and spirit. Finding relief with many of Stiles’s cures will require patience and consistency, but others e.g., for “monkey mind, ” “office body, ” and a hangover work their magic in a single session. With many charismatic yoga experts touting cures and transformations, Stiles’s easygoing, personable approach is refreshing. (June) Copyright 2012 Reed Business Information.

Review Quotes:
“Tara Stiles has got to be the coolest yoga instructor ever.”
-Vanity Fair

“One of the things I like about [Tara Stiles] is her ability to make yoga accessible to people who might be scared of it or think it might be too esoteric.”
–Jane Fonda

“Tara Stiles delivers powerful healing wisdom in an accessible, down-to-earth way. If you’ve got an ache, pain or ‘ism, she’s got the natural answer. So dump the over-the-counter pills and pop open “Yoga Cures”. “
–Kris Carr, “

“Tara Stiles is a committed teacher and healer. In “Yoga Cures, “Tara shares her intuitive gift for healing physical pain through yoga. This practical guide offers powerful solutions for stretching beyond ailments into vibrant health.”
–Gabrielle Bernstein, bestselling author of “Spirit Junkie”

“You need this book, just like I did. Look at Tara; look at how pain-free, wrinkle-free, and jiggly thigh-free this incredible teacher and model student is, and you can see she holds the key to unlocking a life full of easy, attainable, affordable abundance. Within these pages are the tips and tools you “need” to reconnect your body and mind, stretch your potential, and maximize this moment. Let Tara show you how you can be doing more for yourself, every moment. Once you feel what it’s like to run on premium fuel, there’s no turning back!”
–Daphne Oz

“With many charismatic yoga experts touting cures and transformations, Stiles’s easygoing, personable approach is refreshing.”
–“Publishers Weekly”

“A delightful, refreshing guide.”
–Tao Porchon-Lynch

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