Yoga for Healthy Knees: What You Need to Know for Pain Prevention and Rehabilitation – Sandy Blaine

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By time she was in her early twenties, Sandy Blaine was facing multiple traumatic knee injuries that left her in constant pain. After enduring extensive physical therapy with limited results, Blaine was amazed when a six-month exploration of Iyengar yoga caused her knee pain to disappear completely. Spurred by curiosity and gratitude to find out how this was possible, Blaine made a thorough investigation into recovering from knee pain through the practice of yoga. Her discoveries are revealed in Yoga for Healthy Knees. The book features 17 unique yoga poses tuned specifically to knee health and a complete index and covers knee problems such as hyperextension and tightness, features an extensive section on the best yoga poses for knee pain prevention and rehabilitation, and outlines a daily knee maintenance plan. Blaine explains how to incorporate use of simple props like blankets and towels, and shares safety guidelines that encourage readers to establish good habits, making healthy knees a part of everyday life.

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