Yoga for healthy lower back – Alison Trewhela – Anna Semlyen

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This book contains proven research oveseen by back pain experts and written by experienced qualified yoga teachers. This books yoga is gentle, simple and effective. It contains pain relief poses, yoga for your daily life, core posture sequences for heading and back pain prevention and progressive sequences for extra strengthening and mobilizing.

Contributor Bio: Trewhela, Alison
Alison Trewhela has been practicing yoga since 1979 and has taught yoga since 1983. She is dedicated to the lyengar method of teaching yoga and a teacher member of The Lyengar Yoga Assocation, and a committee member of SWIYI. Alison holds Intermediate Junior III certificate and has specialized in developing appropriate yoga short courses for beginners with low back pain leading research into yogas efficacy as a treatment for low pain with York Trials Unit at the University of York.

Contributor Bio: Semlyen, Anna
Anna Semlyen has taught yoga since 1996 and runs Yoga in York. Anna is a Specialist Advisor to the BWY on Yoga and Healthy Backs and Therapeutic Yoga Research.

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