Yoga Tune Up: QuickFix Rx – Lower Body Series – Jill Miller – DVD

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Yoga Tune Up® Quickfix is fitness therapy for everyday living. This whole body health and fitness system combines Yoga, Calisthenics and Body Therapy, helping to heal damaged muscle tissue, increase overall strength, and bolster the immune system.
Its restorative techniques create balance and flexibility by challenging the body from every conceivable angle, until breakthroughs occur, literally changing the nature of the tissues in the area being addressed. Quickfix Lower Body series focuses on problem areas with feet & ankles, hips, low back and also offers a stress relief segment. Yoga Tune Up® Quickfix RX Routines are highly specialized Support Therapy, focusing on areas of the body that tend to spasm, strain and ache because of overuse, underuse or poor posture. These routines will help to stretch, strengthen and heal, addressing issues at the root of the problem.

Recommended Props: 1 Yoga Block, 1 Strap, 2 Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls (Props can be substituted with a large book, belt, and tennis balls). Embodying more than 24 years of expertise in the movement arts including Yoga, Pilates, Modern Dance, and Body Therapy, Jill Miller s innovative workshops, retreats and teacher trainings are held worldwide.

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